Founding members Brian Stewart (lead vocals/guitar) and Greg Guthrie (drums) started the band somewhere around 2001- originally with Brian’s brother-in-law (CP Pennington) as the lead singer. After many personnel and style changes, Brian took over the vocals and main songwriting duties in 2004 subsequently adding Tobey Ashcroft on guitar and Chris Epperson on bass. Sometime after the release of their 1st EP, Amplifier Habit, Tobey departed and Jeff Valenta joined the band on lead guitar. Then after their 2nd release (Charged) tour was over, the band went on hiatus. Fast-forward to 2015 and PosterWall is back but with Brian on bass! Then in early 2016, Marcus Couto joined to make PosterWall a two guitar band once again. But as PosterWall played out more often, Marcus decided to leave the band as he couldn't commit to future shows. Then in Feb. 2018, guitarist Scott Conti accepted the invitation to join the band.

PosterWall is independent and likes it that way. Charged was recorded right at home in Brian’s studio, 510 Audio, and released on their own label SuperWow Records. Influences include Matthew Sweet, Foo Fighters, and classic rock from Led Zeppelin to Rick Springfield. (Really!) PosterWall’s sound is a back to basics approach with simple hook filled melodies and riffs. They may not be the most technically flashy band around, but they deliver where it counts: The Song.